At KING­desk, we are com­mit­ted to deliv­er­ing our clients the best pos­si­ble web design. This includes a heavy empha­sis on qual­ity typog­ra­phy. Typog­ra­phy on the web has long lacked auto­matic hyphen­ation of text. Frus­tra­tion ensued as this pre­cluded us from jus­ti­fy­ing text — with­out hyphen­ation, jus­ti­fied text results in unsightly word spac­ing. Not sat­is­fied with the state of typog­ra­phy on the web, we have devel­oped an imple­men­ta­tion of a cut­ting edge hyphen­ation algo­rithm to auto­mat­i­cally hyphen­ate text. After suc­cess­fully using this tech­nol­ogy on sev­eral client’s web sites, we have now cre­ated a web-​​based form that other web design­ers can use — free of charge — to improve the state of web typog­ra­phy beyond our own web sites. standard screenshot For acces­si­bil­ity rea­sons, we have also pro­vided a high con­trast ver­sion of the design. high contrast screenshot


  1. I heard your call on Hugh Hewitt’s show. Just wanted to wish you alot of luck in your new endeavor!!

    There are alot of ugly web­sites out there….contact them and offer to redo them for a great price.

    I’m a prod­uct and graphic designer and I know how hard it is to get new clients. If I hear of any­one need­ing web­de­sign, I will send them your way.

    Good luck!!

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