Telematics Weekly

Can a site with­out color or graph­ics be beau­ti­ful? Telem­at­ics Weekly is just that. With a tar­geted user-​​base of Indus­try exec­u­tives and upper-​​management, their time-​​constraints directly affected the design of this site. Qual­ity typog­ra­phy and scannable con­tent make both honor the user’s needs and demon­strate that beauty can be found in simplicity.

Telematics Weekly screenshot

In addi­tion to user-​​interface opti­miza­tions, KING­desk devel­oped an algo­rithm to auto­mat­i­cally dis­trib­ute front-​​page sto­ries to bal­ance mul­ti­ple col­umn lengths. Until now, standards-​​based web tech­nolo­gies did not allow for such pre­ci­sion, but KING­desk con­tin­ues to develop inno­v­a­tive solu­tions to meet our client’s needs.

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