PHP Typography 1.21

PHP Typog­ra­phy is a PHP based solu­tion to greatly improve web typog­ra­phy. It fea­tures the fol­low­ing capa­bil­i­ties (includ­ing gran­u­lar control):

  • Hyphen­ation
  • Spac­ing con­trol, includ­ing: glu­ing val­ues to units, widow pro­tec­tion, and forced inter­nal wrap­ping of long URLs & email addresses.
  • Intel­li­gent char­ac­ter replace­ment, includ­ing smart han­dling of: quote marks ( “foo” ), dashes ( foo – bar ), ellipses ( … ), trade­marks ( ™ ), math sym­bols ( 1024×768 ), frac­tions ( 1223 ), and ordi­nal suf­fixes ( 3rd )
  • CSS hooks for styling: amper­sands (class “amp”), acronyms (class “caps”), num­bers (class “num­bers”), ini­tial sin­gle quotes (class “quo”), and ini­tial dou­ble quotes & guillemets (class “dquo”).

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PHP Parser 1.20

In devel­op­ment of our upcom­ing PHP Typog­ra­phy project, it became clear we needed a PHP based solu­tion to parse and reassem­ble HTML and its con­tained text. We were unable to find any­thing that suited our needs, so we built one. When done, we real­ized that what we had built was pow­er­ful, flex­i­ble, effi­cient, and valu­able… even out­side the ini­tial PHP Typog­ra­phy project. So, we are releas­ing PHP Parser as a stand-​​alone project for your use. We hope you find it as help­ful as we have.

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In Word­Press the track­back links often cause user con­fu­sion. Knowl­edge­able users right-​​click on the link and copy the link loca­tion. But the vast major­ity of users click the link — expect­ing to copy the link from the browser’s loca­tion bar —  only to be redi­rected back to the very page they were on. The stan­dard imple­men­ta­tion does not pro­vide the expected result.

wp-​​TrackbackPopup resolves this issue. It uses unob­tru­sive JavaScript to cause a popup win­dow when a user clicks the track­back link. The popup pro­vides a text ver­sion of the track­back URL for easy copy­ing and pasting.

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This Word­Press plu­gin will eas­ily allow you to uniquely style com­ments made by a post author. By default, author com­ments will be given a light yel­low back­ground, but this is entirely cus­tomiz­able at the plugin’s options page. Cus­tom styling requires only a basic under­stand­ing of CSS.

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wp-Hyphenate 1.07 beta

Hyphen­ation is finally avail­able for the web. The addi­tion of hyphen­ation is a sig­nif­i­cant step for­ward for the state of web typog­ra­phy. With it your left aligned text will be less ragged, and your jus­ti­fied text will avoid the ghastly word spac­ing that has pre­vented seri­ous web design­ers from using it.

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