PHP Typography Change Log

1.21 – Decem­ber 31, 2009
Fixed bug in cus­tom dia­critic handling
1.20 – Decem­ber 20, 2009
Resolved unini­ti­ated variable
Added HTML5 ele­ments to pars­ing algo­rithm for greater con­tex­tual awareness
Updated to PHP Parser 1.20
1.19 – Decem­ber 1, 2009
Fixed bug where dewidow func­tion­al­ity would add bro­ken no-​​break spaces to the end of texts, and smart_​exponents would drop some of the result­ing text.
Declared encod­ing in all instances of mb_​substr to avoid conflicts
Cor­rected a few instances of unde­clared variables.
Updated to PHP Parser 1.19
1.18 – Novem­ber 10, 2009
Added Nor­we­gian Hyphen­ation Patterns
1.17 – Novem­ber 9, 2009
Fixed bug in dia­critic handling
1.16 – Novem­ber 4, 2009
Added US Eng­lish list of all words con­tain­ing dia­crit­ics to ‘/diacritics/en-US.php‘
Added get_​diacritic_​languages() method
Added set_​smart_​diacritics() method
Added set_​diacritic_​language() method
Added set_​diacritic_​custom_​replacements() method
Improved smart quotes and dashes to be sen­si­tive to adja­cent dia­critic characters.
1.15 – Octo­ber 21, 2009
Depre­ci­ated set_​smart_​quotes_​language()
Added set_​smart_​quotes_​primary()
Added set_​smart_​quotes_​secondary()
1.14 – Sep­tem­ber 8, 2009
Improved space_​collapse method
Cor­rected bug in smart quote and sin­gle char­ac­ter word han­dling where the “0” char­ac­ter may be improp­erly duplicated
1.13 – August 31, 2009
Added set_​space_​collapse method
1.12 – August 17, 2009
Cor­rected multi­byte char­ac­ter error that caused set_​single_​character_​word_​spacing() and dewidow() to drop words under rare circumstances
1.11 – August 14, 2009
Added lan­guage spe­cific quote han­dling (for sin­gle quotes, not just dou­ble) for Eng­lish, Ger­man and French quo­ta­tion styles
1.10 – August 14, 2009
Added set_​smart_​quotes_​language() for unique han­dling of Eng­lish, Ger­man and French quo­ta­tion styles
Cor­rected multi­byte char­ac­ter error that caused set_​single_​character_​word_​spacing() to drop words under rare circumstances
Expanded the multi­byte char­ac­ter set rec­og­nized as valid word char­ac­ters for improved hyphenation
Updated to PHP Parser 1.10
1.9 – August 12, 2009
Added option to force sin­gle char­ac­ter words to wrap to new line (unless they are widows).
Fixed bug where hyphen­ation pat­tern set­tings were not ini­tial­ized with mul­ti­ple php­Ty­pog­ra­phy class instances.
1.8 – July 28, 2009
Fixed date han­dling in smart_​math() and smart_​dashes() methods
Fixed style_​caps() method to be friendly with soft-​​hyphens
1.7 – July 28, 2009
Refor­mat­ted lan­guage files with line returns after each key=>value pair in an array. This cures the false pos­i­tive read­ings these files were receiv­ing from the Avira AntiVir anti-​​virus program
1.6 – July 28, 2009
Effi­ciency Opti­miza­tions ( approx­i­mately 25% speed increase ) Thanks Jenny!
1.5 – July 27, 2009
Added the set_​hyphenate_​title_​case() method to exclude hyphen­ation of cap­i­tal­ized (title case) words to help pro­tect proper nouns
Added Hun­gar­ian Hyphen­ation Pattern
1.4 – July 23, 2009
Fixed a hyphen­ation prob­lem where pre-​​hyphenated words were processed again
Updated with PHP Parser 1.4
1.3 – July 23, 2009
Unini­tial­ized vari­ables cor­rected throughout
Use of 2 instances of create_​function() elim­i­nated for per­for­mance gain
Cleaned up HTML char­ac­ter han­dling in process_​feed(). No errors were iden­ti­fied prior to edit, but now it is con­sis­tent with how process() works.
1.2 – July 23, 2009
moved the pro­cess­ing of widow han­dling after hyphen­ation so that max-​​pull would not be com­pared to the length of the adja­cent word, but rather the length of the adja­cent word seg­ment (i.e. that after a soft hyphen)
1.1 – July 22, 2009
By default, when class php­Ty­pog­ra­phy is con­structed, set_​defaults is called. How­ever, if you are going to man­u­ally set all set­tings, you can now bypass the set_​defaults call for slightly improved per­for­mance. Just call $typo = new phpTypography( FALSE )
Added ‘html_​entity_​decode‘ to process_​feed to avoid invalid char­ac­ter injec­tion (accord­ing to XML’s specs)
1.0.3 – July 17, 2009
Reverted use of the hyphen char­ac­ter to the basic minus-​​hyphen in words like “mother-​​in-​​law” because of poor sup­port in IE6
1.0.2 – July 16, 2009
Cor­rected smart_​math to not con­vert slashes in URLs to divi­sion signs
1.0 – July 15, 2009
Added test to php­Ty­pog­ra­phy meth­ods process() and process_​feed() to skip pro­cess­ing if $isTi­tle para­me­ter is TRUE and h1 or h2 is an excluded HTML tag
1.0 beta 9 – July 14, 2009
Added catch-​​all quote han­dling, now any quotes that escape pre­vi­ous fil­ters will be assumed to be clos­ing quotes
1.0 beta 8 – July 13, 2009
Changed thin space injec­tion behav­ior so that for text such as “…often-always?-judging…”, the sec­ond dash will be wrapped in thin spaces
Cor­rected error where frac­tions were not being styled because of a zero-​​space inser­tion with the wrap hard hyphens functionality
Added default class to exclude: “noTypo”
1.0 beta 7 – July 10, 2009
Added “/​” as a valid word char­ac­ter so we could cap­ture “this/​that” as a word for pro­cess­ing (sim­i­lar to “mother-​​in-​​law”)
Cor­rected error where char­ac­ters from the Latin 1 Sup­ple­ment Block were not rec­og­nized as word characters
Cor­rected smart quote han­dling for strings of numbers
Added smart guillemet con­ver­sion as part of smart quotes: « and » to « and »
Added smart Sin­gle Low 9 Quote con­ver­sion as part of smart quotes: comma fol­lowed by non-​​space becomes Sin­gle Low 9 Quote
Added Sin­gle Low 9 Quote, Dou­ble Low 9 Quote and » to style_​initial_​character functionality
Added a new php­Ty­pog­ra­phy method smart_​math that assigns proper char­ac­ters to minus, mul­ti­pli­ca­tion and divi­sion characters
Depre­ci­ated the php­Ty­pog­ra­phy method smart_​multiplication in favor of smart_​math()
Cleaned up some smart quote functionality
1.0 beta 6 – July 9, 2009
Crit­i­cal bug fix: RSS feeds were being dis­abled by pre­vi­ous ver­sions. This has been corrected.
1.0 beta 5 – July 8, 2009
Cor­rected error where requir­ing Em/​En dash thin spac­ing “word-​​” would become “word —” instead of “word — ”
1.0 beta 4 – July 7, 2009
Added default encod­ing value to smart_​quote han­dling to avoid PHP warn­ing messages
1.0 beta 3 – July 6, 2009
Cor­rected curl­ing quotes at the end of block level elements
1.0 beta 2 – July 6, 2009
Cor­rected multi­byte char­ac­ter con­flict in smart-​​quote han­dling that caused infre­quent drop­ping of text
Thin space injec­tion now applies to en-​​dashes
1.0 beta 1 – July 3, 2009
Ini­tial release