wp-Hyphenate 1.07 beta

The wp-​​Hyphenate plu­gin has merged with the wp-​​Typogrify plu­gin to form wp-​​Typography. Try it out, and give us your feed­back. The below con­tent is left for legacy, but this plu­gin is now offi­cially discontinued.

Hyphen­ation is finally avail­able for the web. The addi­tion of hyphen­ation is a sig­nif­i­cant step for­ward for the state of web typog­ra­phy. With it your left aligned text will be less ragged, and your jus­ti­fied text will avoid the ghastly word spac­ing that has pre­vented seri­ous web design­ers from using it.

wp-​​Hyphenate includes tremen­dous abil­ity to cus­tomize its appli­ca­tion of hyphen­ation and adds fea­tures aid browsers to prop­erly wrap long urls and keep wid­ows com­pany (a widow is the last word of a block of text that stands alone on the last line).

A screen­shot of the wp-​​Hyphenate admin page: screen shot of wp-Hyphenate's admin interface


Why hyphen­ate?
Hyphen­ation increases the visual appeal of your web­site. When jus­ti­fy­ing text with­out hyphen­ation, word spac­ing is dis­tract­ingly large. With left-​​aligned text, the right edge will be unnec­es­sar­ily ragged.
How does hyphen­ation work?

The soft-​​hyphen is an invis­i­ble char­ac­ter that com­mu­ni­cates to web browsers allow­able line breaks within words. When a web browser wraps a line at a soft-​​hyphen, a hyphen is shown at line’s end.

Sim­i­lar to the soft-​​hyphen, the zero-​​space char­ac­ter com­mu­ni­cates allow­able line breaks within strings of text. But unlike the soft-​​hyphen, it does not show a hyphen at line’s end. This is ideal for forc­ing con­sis­tent wrap­ping of long URLs. It also can be used to force line breaks in unco­op­er­a­tive web browsers after hard-​​hyphens in words like “zero-​​space” and “soft-​​hyphen”.

Which browsers sup­port hyphenation?

Not all browsers sup­port online hyphen­ation. Notably, before ver­sion 3, Fire­fox did not sup­port hyphen­ation. For­tu­nately, it failed grace­fully — hyphen­ated text dis­played as if it was unhyphenated.

That is more than could be said for early ver­sions of Safari (1.2 and ear­lier). Those ver­sions of Safari dis­played a hyphen at every pos­si­ble hyphen­ation point — even if it was not at line’s end. wp-​​Hyphenate includes an option to strip all hyphen­ation from early ver­sion of Safari using JavaScript.

Start­ing with Inter­net Explorer 6, Fire­fox 3, Safari 2, and Opera 8, all major web browsers have offered full sup­port for online hyphenation.

Does hyphen­ation effect search?
It depends on the search engine. Google and Yahoo prop­erly han­dle the soft-​​hyphen char­ac­ter with­out penalty. Microsoft and Ask improp­erly treat soft-​​hyphens as word breaks. For­tu­nately, Google and Yahoo com­prise more than 90% of the search market.
Can I con­trol how a spe­cific word is hyphenated?
Yes. The admin­is­tra­tive panel for wp-​​Hyphenate includes an editable excep­tions list.
What are wid­ows and why pro­tect them?

A widow is the final word in a block of text that falls to its own line. Espe­cially if the widow is only a few char­ac­ters long, she can get lonely. wp-​​Hyphenate will try to pro­tect wid­ows by bring­ing them com­pany from the pre­vi­ous line.

There is dan­ger that the widow’s com­pany will leave the pre­vi­ous line with less than opti­mal word spac­ing. The risk is less if your text is left-​​aligned, but if it is jus­ti­fied, tread care­fully. The pro­tec­tion of wid­ows is com­pletely cus­tomiz­able in the admin­is­tra­tive options.

Is there any other imple­men­ta­tion of this HTML hyphen­ation technology?
Yes. KING­desk has also imple­mented this same tech­nol­ogy as a sim­ple web app at http://​hyph​-​n​.com. Sub­mit your sta­tic HTML in the pro­vided web form, and it will return hyphen­ated results for your use.
Does wp-​​Hyphenate work with the Typogrify plugin?
Yes. How­ever, they will both try to pre­vent wid­ows. Widow han­dling should be turned off in the Typogrify admin­is­tra­tive options. The wp-​​Hyphenate han­dling of wid­ows allows for more gran­u­lar con­trol, allow­ing the user to bal­ance widow han­dling with the addi­tional word-​​spacing cre­ated on the pre­vi­ous line.
What hyphen­ation algo­rithm is used in wp-​​Hyphenate?
The hyphen­ation algo­rithm used by wp-​​Hyphenate is based on the 1983 Stan­ford Ph.D. the­sis of pro­fes­sor Frank Liang: Word Hy-​​phen-​​a-​​tion by Com-​​puter. Liang’s Pat­Gen algo­rithm was updated in 1991 by Peter Bre­it­en­lohner. The result­ing algo­rithm finds 90% of all allowed hyphen­ation points iden­ti­fied in the Webster’s Unabridged Dic­tio­nary with a 0% error rate.
What lan­guage pat­terns are included with this library?
wp-​​Hyphenate now has multi-​​language sup­port. Pat­tern libraries are included for Basque, Bul­gar­ian, Cata­lan, Chi­nese, Pinyin (Latin), Croa­t­ian, Czech, Dan­ish, Eng­lish (United King­dom), Eng­lish (United States), Eston­ian, Finnish, French, Gali­cian, Ger­man, Greek (Ancient), Greek, Mod­ern Monot­o­nic, Greek, Mod­ern Poly­tonic, Ice­landic, Indone­sian, Inter­lin­gua, Irish, Ital­ian, Latin, Lithuan­ian, Mon­go­lian (Cyril­lic), Pol­ish, Por­tuguese, Roman­ian, Russ­ian, San­skrit, Ser­bian (Cyril­lic), Ser­bocroa­t­ian (Cyril­lic), Ser­bocroa­t­ian (Latin), Slo­vak, Sloven­ian, Span­ish, Swedish, Turk­ish, Ukrain­ian, and Welsh.
Can I port this plu­gin to another CMS?
Yes. wp-​​Hyphenate is licensed under the GNU Gen­eral Pub­lic License 2.0. If mod­ify it, you must retain the KING­desk, LLC copy­right infor­ma­tion, the request for a link to http://​king​desk​.com, and the web design ser­vices con­tact infor­ma­tion unchanged. If you redis­trib­ute this soft­ware, or any deriv­a­tive, it must be released under the GNU Gen­eral Pub­lic License 2.0.
Will this plu­gin slow my page load­ing times?
Yes. There is a fair amount of pro­cess­ing that takes place every time a post is called from your MySQL data­base. In our inter­nal tests, we have seen one-​​half a sec­ond added to sin­gle post pages, and over 1 sec­ond added to multi-​​post pages. While page load times will likely remain accept­able to your users, it is still rec­om­mended that you use a caching plu­gin (like WP-​​Cache or WP Super Cache) with wp-​​Hyphenate. There is no delay in the serv­ing of cached pages.
Can I make a dona­tion to sup­port this plugin?
No. We don’t want your money. If you want to show your sup­port, we would greatly appre­ci­ate a link to king​desk​.com from your web­site — per­haps in a nice review of this plugin.
This site is damn sexy. Can I hire KING­desk to design a web­site for my company?
Yes. Please con­tact us.

Version History

Ver­sion 1.07 beta, Novem­ber 25, 2008
Worked around last multi­byte string func­tion from Eng­lish hyphen­ation to address obscure encod­ing error
Ver­sion 1.06 beta, Novem­ber 25, 2008
Pro­vided for sin­gle byte alpha­bets to not use multi­byte string func­tions to increase performance
Now runs 43% faster for Eng­lish hyphenation
Inter­na­tion­al­ized text in admin options
Prop­erly removes mul­ti­ple links that may have been improp­erly included by the URL link­ing functionality
Sim­pli­fied dehyphen.js to only remove zero-​​width spaces from IE6
Ver­sion 1.05 beta, Novem­ber 10, 2008
Inserted actual soft-​​hyphen and zero-​​width space char­ac­ters, rather than their HTML rep­re­sen­ta­tions. This cleans up the appear­ance of the source code.
Removed errant auto-​​linking of URLs in the HTML title attribute
Excluded hyphen­ation, URL wrap­ping and widow pro­tec­tion from feeds
Cor­rected error to allow zero-​​width spaces to be stripped from IE6 via JavaScript
Forced wrap­ping after under­score char­ac­ters in the midst of words
Cor­rected hyphen­ation of words con­tain­ing select non-​​Latin characters
Ver­sion 1.04 beta, Novem­ber 16, 2008
Short­ened the default string length for the hyph_​chunkSubject func­tion from 4000 char­ac­ters to 3000. This cured an issue where some text was being dropped (depend­ing on server configuration).
Unlinked urls now link auto­mat­i­cally when the “Always Link URLs” option is selected in the Admin options.
Ver­sion 1.03 beta, Novem­ber 9, 2008
Gen­eral code clean-​​up to sep­a­rate core func­tion­al­ity for easy port­ing to php based con­tent man­age­ment systems
Added sim­ple val­i­da­tion for user defined list of tags whose con­tent should not be hyphenated
Updated all cal­cu­la­tions to prop­erly han­dle multi­byte char­ac­ters as required for multi-​​language
Added multi-​​language sup­port and hyphen­ation pat­terns for the fol­low­ing lan­guages: Basque, Bul­gar­ian, Cata­lan, Chi­nese, Pinyin (Latin), Croa­t­ian, Czech, Dan­ish, Eng­lish (United King­dom), Eng­lish (United States), Eston­ian, Finnish, French, Gali­cian, Ger­man, Greek (Ancient), Greek, Mod­ern Monot­o­nic, Greek, Mod­ern Poly­tonic, Ice­landic, Indone­sian, Inter­lin­gua, Irish, Ital­ian, Latin, Lithuan­ian, Mon­go­lian (Cyril­lic), Pol­ish, Por­tuguese, Roman­ian, Russ­ian, San­skrit, Ser­bian (Cyril­lic), Ser­bocroa­t­ian (Cyril­lic), Ser­bocroa­t­ian (Latin), Slo­vak, Sloven­ian, Span­ish, Swedish, Turk­ish, Ukrain­ian, and Welsh.
Multi-​​language sup­port now requires the server run PHP 5. This plu­gin is not PHP 4 compatable.
Ver­sion 1.02 beta, Novem­ber 5, 2008
Resolved prob­lem where occa­sional char­ac­ter was dropped in long posts.
Ver­sion 1.01 beta, Novem­ber 4, 2008
Removed all new PHP 5 func­tions and replaced with code that is com­pat­i­ble with PHP ver­sion 4.3 and later .
Ver­sion 1.0 beta, Novem­ber 1, 2008
Orig­i­nal Release

Your feed­back is much appre­ci­ated. How can we make this plu­gin better?


  1. Sounds like it’ll be a neat plu­gin. I’m get­ting a Fatal error in wp-hyphenate.php on line 53 at the moment though

  2. What license do you have this under?

    I would love to port it to Habari, under an Open Source license (prefer­ably Apache Soft­ware License).

  3. @John #0

    I am unable to recre­ate your error. Did you change any of the default pref­er­ences in the admin settings?

  4. @Morgante #1

    I’d love to see this hyphen­ation solu­tion ported to other platforms.

    The plu­gin is licensed under the GNU Gen­eral Pub­lic License 2.0. If mod­ify the plu­gin, you must retain the KING­desk, LLC copy­right infor­ma­tion, the request for a link to http://​king​desk​.com, and the web design ser­vices con­tact infor­ma­tion unchanged. If you redis­trib­ute this soft­ware, or any deriv­a­tive, it must be released under the GNU Gen­eral Pub­lic License 2.0.

  5. It’d be nice to know how this works (or doesn’t work) along­side the Typogrify plugin.

  6. @Ricky #4

    The only point of con­flict is the widow han­dling. If you are pleased with typogrify’s han­dling of wid­ows, dewid­ow­ing can be dis­abled in wp-​​hyphenate. wp-hyphenate’s con­trol of wid­ows is a lit­tle more gran­u­lar than typogrify’s. Typogrify just slaps a non-​​breaking-​​space before the last word of a para­graph. With wp-​​hyphenate, you can spec­ify that the non-​​breaking-​​space should only be added if the pre­ced­ing word (or hyphen­ated por­tion of a word) is X char­ac­ters or less. It also allows you to set the max­i­mum size of wid­ows that should be pro­tected from their lone­li­ness. With this addi­tional con­trol, you no longer have to choose between pro­tect­ing wid­ows and improv­ing rag. You can define your pre­ferred bal­ance. If you pre­fer the wp-​​hyphenate han­dling of wid­ows, the typogrify widow han­dling can also be dis­abled (with­out los­ing the remain­der ben­e­fits of that plugin).

    wp-​​Hyphenate does not include the curly quote or em-​​dash replace­ment fea­tures of typogrify.

  7. Very nice plu­gin!!!, I will put a review in my blog.

  8. @Mexside #6
    Thank you. I notice that your blog is not Eng­lish lan­guage. Regret­fully, only Eng­lish hyphen­ation pat­terns are cur­rently included. If there is demand and Pat­Gen libraries exist, other lan­guages may be included in future revisions.

  9. @John #0

    I have appar­ently used some func­tions that are new to php5. If you are using php4, you will get the error you men­tioned. I will look to update the plu­gin to be back­wards com­pat­i­ble to php4.

  10. @John #0

    The plu­gin is now php4 compatible.

  11. Great plu­gin. I know it is still beta so I fig­ured I would report a lit­tle bug I noticed. With the plu­gin enabled, I was see­ing unordered lists not being closed properly.

  12. @Derek #10

    On long posts, approx­i­mately every 4000th char­ac­ter was being dropped. The issue has been resolved in ver­sion 1.02 beta. Thanks for your assis­tance in recre­at­ing this issue.

  13. Once this is acti­vated where should I find the admin page? It’s not appear­ing under settings.

  14. Ah, found it in the plu­g­ins menu… con­fused because most other plu­g­ins have the admin page in the set­tings. Per­son­ally I pre­fer the admin to stay in plugins!

  15. I’d like to cre­ate a lan­guage pat­tern file for Hungarian.

    Is there a con­ver­sion util­ity that takes those hyph*.tex files and gen­er­ates the proper php equivalent?

    Or at least could you point me to some kind of ‘how to…’ doc?

    Great thanks!

  16. @bluemonkey #14

    I have the raw Hun­gar­ian pat­tern. It needs to be for­mat­ted to opti­mize per­for­mance. The rea­son I did not include it with the cur­rent lan­guage pat­terns is that the Hun­gar­ian pat­terns exceed 65,000 in quan­tity. To put this in scale, the US Eng­lish pat­terns are fewer than 5,000. This will greatly impact performance.

    If you want to spend the time to for­mat it, I will email you the pat­terns and share with you the tool I cre­ated to expe­dite the process.

    FYI, this is the same rea­son I have not released Nor­we­gian pat­terns (27,000 in quantity)

  17. I’m using it, and, thus far, I’m impressed.

  18. Hi! Thank you for a great plugin.

    There is a prob­lem in Pol­ish hyphen­ation: the “i” char­ac­ter is left at the end of the line.

    IT IS:
    Całość zachowań związanych i
    zależnych od…

    Całość zachowań związanych
    i zależnych od…

    Is there a way to fix it?

  19. The same goes for “od”, “do” and a num­ber of other “stop” words.

  20. @PP #17 & #18

    Wrap­ping behav­ior of indi­vid­ual words is out­side the scope of this plu­gin (except­ing wid­ows). The hyphen­ation func­tion­al­ity only looks at allow­able wrap­ping pat­terns within words.

    You can man­u­ally add non-​​breaking spaces before words you do not want at lines end. To add a non-​​breaking space, type   in place of the rel­e­vant space.

  21. That answers it. Thank you!

  22. Hi, this looks like a great plu­gin, but when I installed v1.05 I got the fol­low­ing fatal error:

    Fatal error: Call to unde­fined func­tion: mb_​strtolower() in /home/…/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-hyphenate/hyphenate.php on line 110

    Can you sug­gest any rem­edy? Thanks.

  23. @Bobby #21

    This plu­gin requires PHP 4.3 or later. You will need to ask your web host or net­work admin­is­tra­tor to update the ver­sion of PHP run­ning on your server.

  24. Jef­fery, my server is run­ning PHP 4.4.8 and PHP 5.2.6 and I’m still get­ting the same fatal error as Bobby. Any ideas?

  25. Jeff, any help would be very appre­ci­ate. Thanks!

  26. Great idea, def­i­nitely a big step in the right direction.

    Sadly, found a bug. Enabling hyphen­ation breaks Word­Press cap­tions. At least on my test blog, using MAMP with Apache 2.0.59 and PHP 5.2.5, on Word­Press 2.7 RC1. I have no idea if it’s a Word­Press bug and not your plu­gin, so sorry if it’s the former.

    I took screen­shots with the enable hyphen­ta­tion option turned on and off.

  27. @Antonio #23

    mb_​​strtolower was defined in PHP 4.3.0. If you are get­ting this error, then you are run­ning an ear­lier ver­sion of PHP, or PHP is not fully installed on your web server. I would check with your web host.

    Because of some other issues that have arisen, I rec­om­mend run­ning this plu­gin on PHP5.

  28. @kristarela #25

    Thanks for report­ing this bug, I will look into it and include a fix in the next update.

  29. Jef­frey, I actu­ally checked again and the error is dif­fer­ent from the one above. Here is what I’m get­ting right after acti­vat­ing it.

    Warn­ing: can­not yet han­dle MBCS in html_​entity_​decode()! in /nfs/c03/h03/mnt/55393/domains/thegridsystem.org/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-hyphenate/hyphenate.php on line 32

    Any ideas?

  30. Yes, I’m get­ting the same “can­not yet han­dle MBCS … line 32″ error as well. I’m run­ning WP 2.7.

  31. @Antonio # 28 & C.N. #29

    This has been suc­cess­fully cured by other users by upgrad­ing their domain to PHP5. Please note many hosts allow dif­fer­ent ver­sions of PHP to be installed for domains on the same server. Ver­i­fy­ing PHP5 for one domain does not ensure a server-​​wide condition.

    This issue is one where the plu­gin was upgraded to han­dle non-​​latin char­ac­ters for inter­na­tion­al­iza­tion (about 50% of the users are out­side the US). This required PHP5 functionality.

    If there is some­thing else that is caus­ing this same prob­lem, I am unaware of it.

  32. This is a great plu­gin but I ran into one prob­lem right from the get go. Since it hyphen­ates based on lan­guage then words that are not in the dic­tio­nary or in a dif­fer­ent lan­guage don’t get hyphen­ated. I’d like to think that every­one will use cor­rectly spelled words found in the hyphen­ation dic­tio­nary but some­how I seri­ously doubt it. Any way to fix this?

  33. Hi, I have pbs with your plu­gin. When I try to user other plu­g­ins that use short­codes, they do not work. The only way to make them work is to deac­ti­vate your plu­gin… Just to let you know ! ;-)

  34. Enabling wp-​​Hyphenate pre­vents cap­tions from work­ing for me: the unparsed [cap­tion] code is dis­played instead of the cap­tion. I’m using WP 2.7.1. This is prob­a­bly a con­flict caused by an another plu­gin, right?

  35. @Francis #32 & Rei­nis I. #33

    The con­flict with image cap­tions and short­codes is the same issue. There is an easy hack to fix it. In the wp-hyphenate.php file, there are 5 lines of code about half way down that begin with add_filter(..., 10);. Replace each 10 with 9999.

    I am near­ing com­ple­tion of a com­plete rehash of this plu­gin, inte­grat­ing it with the wp-​​typogrify plu­gin. The new merged plu­gin will have this fix addressed. But for now the hack will have to suffice.

  36. I see, thanks. That fixed it. Now to make it work with my lan­guage (Latvian)…

  37. Hi Jef­frey,
    Hi Reinis,

    first thx for the very use­ful plugin.

    I solved the caption-​​problem by adding “cap­tion” (with­out the quotes) to the excep­tion list on the hyphen­ate set­tings.
    Maybe, it might be a work-​​around. But I didn’t notice any side effects so far.

    Keep it up. :)

  38. @CFK #36

    That is an inter­est­ing solu­tion, but it would not solve the issue for other short codes. For now, the only uni­ver­sal solu­tion is that described in #34.

  39. Hi, nice plu­gin, I do have a ques­tion though:
    Would it be pos­si­ble to parse the post before stor­ing it in the data­base? This way you don’t gen­er­ate unnec­es­sary over­head and the plu­gin won’t affect the page load­ing times.


    By the way: will Dutch ever be implemented?

  40. @basambora #38

    I have pur­pose­fully avoided destruc­tive alter­ation of data. This is for many rea­sons. It would break spell check when edit­ing arti­cles. If some­one wants to turn off the plu­gin, arti­cles would remain hyphen­ated. If there is a bug in my code, thou­sands of peo­ple would be knock­ing on my door because I just cor­rupted their entire archive.

    It is best prac­tice to avoid destruc­tive change to data, and I plan on con­tin­u­ing that prac­tice with this plugin.

    The Dutch lan­guage pat­tern con­sists of nearly 14,000 pat­terns. In my early exper­i­ments with other lan­guages, such pat­tern sizes caused unac­cept­able delay for pro­cess­ing time. I never both­ered for­mat­ting the Dutch pat­terns for wp-​​hyphenate inte­gra­tion. You can look at the orig­i­nal Dutch TeX pat­tern here. If you want to go to the trou­ble of for­mat­ting this, I would hap­pily include it in the next release.

  41. I’d like to com­ment that the cur­rent JS part of wp-​​Hyphenate is much too bloated. It could eas­ily be stripped down to a cou­ple of lines and the exter­nal file dropped. I’ve mod­i­fied mine to use IE’s con­di­tional comments.

  42. Jef­frey, I see your point regard­ing the non-​​destructive changes, this means that the only way to enable the use of large lan­guage pat­ters are:
    1. using caching, this saves a bit of pro­cess­ing power, but on-​​the-​​fly pro­cess­ing is still needed some­times
    2. sav­ing the orig­i­nal con­tent and the parsed seper­ately, saves the pro­cess­ing power and response times are increased, though it requires a rather big change of your plu­gin (if pos­si­ble at all) and it requires over 2 times as much data to be saved.

    So I guess I’ll set­tle with the first option :)

    I also had a look at the tex files and their php coun­ter­parts, seems to me the con­ver­sion can be auto­mated quite well, but I don’t fully under­stand your for­mat (nor the tex for­mat), i.e. the begin, end and all arrays and also the dots in the tex pat­ters. Could you clar­ify this for me?


  43. Thanks a lot for your work and efforts. Rest assured that I am pro­mot­ing this plu­gin among the few devel­op­ers I know (and hope­fully in an upcom­ing arti­cle on Web-​​Typography as well).

    I was won­der­ing how the work on the update is pro­gress­ing – not so much in terms of a release date, but more in terms of func­tion­al­ity for for­eign lan­guage users.

    The inte­gra­tion with the Typogrify-​​Plugin might be a boon to some, but a bur­den to oth­ers. Since I use a typo­graphic plu­gin that is tai­lor­made for Ger­man (“typo­graph­i­cal improve­ments” with minor tweaks), I am won­der­ing if the upgrade might prove detri­men­tal to my setup, as I did not find wp-​​typogrify as fit­ting for my needs.

    All the best,

  44. @erz #42

    There is progress. I have a work­ing draft, but I am refin­ing the code to improve per­for­mance. I’m not entirely pleased with it’s cur­rent pro­cess­ing requirements.

    As far as for­eign lan­guage sup­port, the com­bined plu­gin will sup­port the same lan­guages and the admin inter­face will once again be inter­na­tion­al­ized.

    Lastly, the admin inter­face will allow you to dis­able any fea­ture you do not want to use (includ­ing the typogrify features).

  45. @Jeffrey D. King

    Great to hear you are mak­ing progress. And that you made the func­tion­al­i­ties of the plu­gin optional is just swell. Now I can­not wait to put my hands on your opti­mized ver­sion. Arrgh, the suspense…

  46. This plu­gin is dis­con­tin­ued and replaced by the wp-​​Typography plu­gin. We learned a lot from this plu­gin, and wp-​​Typography is the real­iza­tion this plugin’s poten­tial. Enjoy!


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  2. […] WP-​​Hyphenate is a new plu­gin, still a beta, but it looked inter­est­ing enough to spur me on to try it, and actu­ally to write this post. […]

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  4. […] engines aren’t smart enough by them­selves to know when and where to hyphen­ate a word. The wp-​​Hyphenate aims to add smart hyphen­ation to WordPress […]

  5. […] Wp-​​Hyphenate is a very promis­ing plu­gin for Word­press, because it enables some typo­graph­i­cal con­trol not pre­vi­ously avail­able for the web: With it your left aligned text will be less ragged, and your jus­ti­fied text will avoid the ghastly word spac­ing that has pre­vented seri­ous web design­ers from using it. […]

  6. […] Keep your left-​​aligned text less ragged with wp-​​​Hyphenate Web typog­ra­phy has his­tor­i­cally been a strug­gle. There is lit­tle sup­port for fonts out­side the go-​​​to type­faces like Times, Hel­vetica and Ver­dana and other ele­ments of typo­graphic style are even more dif­fi­cult to imple­ment. Wp-​​​Hyphenate brings us one step closer to good web typog­ra­phy by offer­ing a hyphen­ation plu­gin for Word­press that helps elim­i­nate ragged text, makes jus­ti­fied text look bet­ter and makes sure words aren’t wid­owed alone on their own line. I’m using it on this site and so far it’s worked as advertised. […]

  7. […] wp-​​Hyphenate Cool plu­gin to hyphen­ate jus­ti­fied text, thus mak­ing it tres sexy! (tags: word­press plugin) […]

  8. […] wp-​​Hyphenate 1.05 beta • KING­desk Killer plu­gin for Word­Press. Con­sid­er­ing look­ing at it, but will wait until I can futz around with some caching plu­g­ins – not eager to take a half-​​second hit for each page just for hyphen­ation. (tags: word­press typography) […]

  9. […] (spoon​fed​de​sign​.com)      A very use­ful list if your look­ing for some inspi­ra­tion. 5/​  wp-​​Hyphenate 1.05 Beta (king​desk​.com)      A nifty lit­tle Word­Press plu­gin for typography […]

  10. […] the plu­gin front. Hamish, author of the typogrify plu­gin for Word­Press and Jeff King of the recent WP-​​hyphenate plu­gin have decided to col­lab­o­rate on a sin­gle plu­gin that does it all. Can’t wait to […]

  11. […] wp-​​Hyphenate 1.07 beta • KING­desk Add auto­matic hyphen­ation to word­press blogs (tags: word­pres plu­gin hyphen­ation hyphen) […]

  12. […] Tipp haupt­säch­lich für Fre­unde sauberer Typografie, Print-​​Leute alter Schule und Grafikde­signer. wp-​​Hyphenate ist ein WordPress-​​Plugin, dass automa­tisch für eine saubere Wort-​​Trenung in Tex­ten sorgt. Vor […]

  13. […] be happy to hear I’m cur­rently in progress of updat­ing and merg­ing it with the fan­tas­tic wp-​​hyphenate by Jeff King — he’ll also take over man­age­ment of […]

  14. […] you need to insert a [gigpress_​​upcoming] (or sim­i­lar) code into the page.  How­ever, when wp-​​​Hyphenate is acti­vated it seems Gig­Press gets skipped and the string literal […]

  15. […] it’s appar­ently being taken over by the devel­op­ers of WP-​​Hyphenate. […]

  16. […] This is the follow‐​up plu­gin to wp‐​Hyphenate (used on this site and one of my favorites) and rep­re­sents the best solu­tion for improved […]

  17. […] Web:  king​desk​.com/​p​r​o​j​e​c​t​s​/​w​p​-​h​y​p​h​e​n​ate […]