In Word­Press the default track­back link behav­ior causes per­sis­tent user con­fu­sion. Knowl­edge­able users right-​​click on the link and copy the link loca­tion. But the vast major­ity of users click the link — expect­ing to copy the link from the browser’s loca­tion bar —  only to be redi­rected back to the very page they were on. The stan­dard imple­men­ta­tion does not pro­vide the expected result.

wp-​​​​TrackbackPopup resolves this issue. It uses unob­tru­sive JavaScript to cre­ate a popup win­dow when a user clicks the track­back link. The popup win­dow pro­vides a text ver­sion of the track­back URL for easy copy­ing and pasting.

The popup win­dow can be styled to match your Word­Press theme.

The stan­dard for­mat track­back popup window:

standard format trackback popup window

An exam­ple of a cus­tom for­mat­ted popup window:

a custom formatted trackback popup window

Click the “track­back url” link below for an exam­ple of how this plu­gin works.


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